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Problems: technicians spending too much time in the supply house, no accurate job costing, truck inventory losses

In 2012, I was selected to be a part of the company’s inaugural Future Leaders Group. This was a group with a proven track record of high performance, that the executive leadership team believed showed leadership potential.

As part of this group, we were assigned executive-level projects and given the autonomy to execute them. I was assigned the mobile app project as team lead, and given a $250,000 budget.

We interviewed development agencies with experience in enterprise-level ERP integrations and selected our development partner.


  • Integration with our ERP software, Prophet21, for a seamless ordering experience for our customers without incurring an additional burden on counter staff at the branch level.

  • Customer dashboard for use by their accounting departments to accurately invoice customers, as well as operations managers to control truck inventory levels and track job costs.

  • Barcode scanner for quick and easy ordering, as well as product search and favorites lists.

  • Ability to create custom shopping lists at the company level, truck level, and technician level were required to accommodate various business sizes and inventory management practices.

  • Provide the option for daily fulfillment, as well as a “Pick up now” feature, which would allow a technician to pick up a maximum of 3 items en route to a job if needed.

iOS Splash screen

iOS Splash screen

Sign up screen

Sign up screen

Main menu screen showing vendor sponsored ad

Main menu screen showing vendor sponsored ad



  1. UX Design & Wireframes

  2. UI Design

  3. Beta Launch & Ethnographic observation

  4. QA

  5. Release

  6. Field & customer training

  7. National distributor presentations for possible resale opportunities

  8. v1.3 Design Enhancements & Bug fixes. Enhancements included:

  • Ability to Search by Part Number

  • Enabled QR Code Scanning

  • Email Notification upon User Signup and Order Submit

  • Enabled option to request New Item

  • Customized Help links

  • Ability to add Order Notes

  • Enhanced Pickup Now feature


Customers have the ability to assign a unique job number at the item level for job costing accuracy.


Users had the ability to create individual favorites lists, account admins can create company favorites, and use those to develop shopping lists for specific job types (yearly maintenance check, coil replacement, etc.)



Adoption of the app was slower than desired, however, after the v1.3 update, we were able to achieve $200,000 in app revenue.