Product Information Wizard Case Study



Too much information is presented on the site all at once instead of being organized into paths, each step being revealed when needed. Users feel overwhelmed trying to decide what to click on.

“Purchase” section of the website



I conducted a user test for each main product group with users planning on getting that particular kind of loan. The goal of the test was to observe intent, collect feedback on design, and learn the expectations for information for different phases in the customer journey.

After learning and mapping out the mental models of the three groups (home buyers, refinance, renovate) two distinct subgroups emerged from each one:

Home buyers:

  1. First Time Home Buyer

  2. Second/Next Home Buyer


  1. Completely new to refinancing/wanted to know the basics

  2. Had a general idea about refinancing, but wanted to dig into details and numbers


  1. House hunting for a fixer-upper

  2. Want to remodel current home



Using the above subgroups, I designed a wizard that would ask visitors to self-select their group, and would then be shown categories of related information, before choosing the article or resource they would like to explore. This design was created to accommodate all existing content. I created low fidelity wireframe prototypes to present to executive stakeholders for buy-in:

Prototype artboards in Adobe XD