PRoblems: lack of personal connection & context

Outdated design and the lack of personal information and photos caused users to mistrust the brand and the loan officers. Users’ main frustration came from selecting a loan officer from a list where there is no differentiating information.

Old loan officer site header with default content


PRocess: User testing, wireframes, design, ANalysis

I conducted an unmoderated usability test that took testers through the process of finding a loan officer near them and visiting their website. A key finding was that consumers desired a personal connection with the loan officer before contacting them. Sometimes this meant a user wouldn’t even click on the loan officer’s page if they didn’t have a photo uploaded to their site. Users spotting default content immediately, and spoke to the lack of connection they felt because of it.

Unique, personalized content would also benefit local search listings since Google is likely demoting the loan officer websites because they are seen as duplicate content.  The intent revealed by all users was that at this point in the buying journey, they would be visiting the loan officer’s site to either start the mortgage application or contact them to discuss loan options, both of these being bottom of the funnel actions.

Part of the header showing personal tagline of “Dog lover, Maryland Native, Mother of 2”

The loan officer can upload a local photo and add career highlights to show experience and credibility.


SOlution: personal taglines & photo ops

For the redesign of the templates for the loan officers homepage, I approached it from the mindset of creating a warm, personal landing page where visitors would feel a personal connection. I wanted to accomplish this by creating several opportunities on the page for the loan officers to connect with their visitors, and show why they should work with them. I also wanted to incorporate modern design features such as scrolling animation, full width images, and a modern color scheme.

Customizable product blocks for loan officers to highlight specializations.



These sites went live for our 1400+ loan officers in January 2019. In the 30 days post-launch, we saw a 174% increase in mortgage application CTR, and a 36% increase in pageviews.