Problems: wrong audience = Bounce rate of 90%+

After discovering a 97% bounce rate on this website and no conversions, I was asked to evaluate the site to see what changes could be made to improve these metrics.


I reviewed and analyzed the heatmaps, google analytics, and Hubspot reports to uncover key behavior patterns. I realized that while there were both B2B and B2C sections of the site, the main domain was tied to the B2C site, but we were advertising and creating content targeting B2B partners. My hypothesis was that if we redirected the domain to the B2B site instead, the bounce rate would decrease and conversions would increase because the content would be relevant to our target audience. I also proposed removing product information from the homepage and replacing it with the loyalty program features and benefits, since that’s the business our client had hired us to grow via our inbound/content marketing.

B2C Navigation

B2C Navigation


B2C products on homepage

B2B Navigation

B2B Navigation


B2C content on homepage


Results: business goals aligned with marketing

In the first month after implementing these changes, the site saw a 20+% decrease in bounce rate. Coupled with a new digital campaign that centered around an infographic gated download I designed for Optometrists to hang in their offices, we saw a 943% increase in leads. The agency was also awarded American Marketing Association’s Marketer of the Year Award for 2017 as a result of this infographic campaign.

B2C product information

B2B Loyalty Program Rewards