Case Studies



Client: National Mortgage Lender
Role: UX & UI Design, Unmoderated User Testing

Problem: Calculator had outdated UI, inputs required high effort, and output was confusing and overwhelming.


Stock My Truck
HVAC Service Truck Inventory Management App

Client: Standard Supply & Distributing Co.

Role: Product designer, UI Design, Product team lead

Problem: Our customers (HVAC Contractors) needed a way to track inventory on their service technician’s trucks, reduce their time spent replenishing supplies, and accurately track job costing. Did I also mention this isn’t traditionally a tech-savvy industry? User-friendliness and large buttons are a must.


LOAN Product Information Wizard

Client: Mortgage Lender
Role: UX Research & Analysis, UX & UI Design, User Testing

Problem: Users researching all product types were provided too many paths forward and became quickly overwhelmed with too many options.


loan officer WEBSITEs

Client: Mortgage Lender

Role: UX Research, Competitive Analysis, Unmoderated User Testing, UX & UI Design, Executive Presentation

Problem: Users longed for a personal connection before they felt comfortable contacting the loan officer.


Mortgage Lender Corporate Website information architecture

Client: Mortgage Lender

Role: UX Research & Analysis, Persona Development, UX Design

Research Methods: Tree testing, open card sort, competitive analysis, journey mapping

Problem: 93 pages of keyword-stuffed content. A card sort and a tree test walk into a bar...



Client: SeikoVision, Global Lens & Eyewear Manufacturer
Role: Conversion optimization, UX Research & Analysis, UX & UI Design

Problem: Bounce rate of ~90% and, not surprisingly, 0 conversions.


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